Some FAQs regarding Amazon Work From Home Opportunity

What is PHO Session? Read This Article How to Apply for the Job in Amazon?You can apply using the below link. What are the requirements to do this Online Job in Amazon apart from the qualification? You must be having a broadband connection of at least 10 Mbps and power backup. Can I attend…

Joining a New Company? Check these things before Joining

There may be many reasons for looking out for a new job. You may not be happy with the salary that your company is paying you, or the company environment, micromanagement, or some other factors but what if you get the same in your new company also. There are some things that you need to do before joining the new company. Let’s discuss them.
You should check these things before you join a new company. The Leave Policy, Salary Structure. Salary date are something that are not mentioned in the offer letter. Here are some things that you should do before joining.
Glassdoor Review:
This is the first thing that you should check before joining a new company. You can know a lot of things

What happens in the Amazon/Genpact PHO Session?

PHO stands for Pre Hire Orientation. Once you are selected in the interview in Amazon or Genpact, then they call all the selected candidates at their premises for the PHO Session.It is conducted to give all the shortlisted candidates an understanding of the Job Roles, Company’s Culture, Work Environment, Salary Structure, and other Job-related details. The selected candidates can decide whether he/she should join the company or not based on the PHO Session. You don’t need to carry any of the documents for the PHO Session.
Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, Amazon PHO Session is being conducted Virtually. Once you are selected in all the rounds, then you will get an Email from Amazon HR Team regarding the Date and Time of your PHO Session.