Joining a New Company? Check these things before Joining

There may be many reasons for looking out for a new job. You may not be happy with the salary that your company is paying you, or the company environment, micromanagement, or some other factors but what if you get the same in your new company also. There are some things that you need to do before joining the new company. Let’s discuss them.

1. GlassDoor Reviews

This is the first thing that you should check before joining a new company. You can know a lot of things about a company through its Glassdoor Reviews such as Company’s environment, the scope of growth, etc.

2. Scope of getting permanent if it’s a contractual role?

Sometimes, Companies hire candidates on Contractual role and it may be of 3,6,9, or 12 Months. But, What would happen once the contract is over? You should ask the Recruiter this question. What would be the Notice Period that you will be asked to serve once the contract is over? Sometimes, companies end the contract and relieve the candidate within 7-10 days and it becomes hard to search a new job in such a shorter period of time. So, Review your offer Letter and check that it should be mentioned that you will be informed at least 30 days prior to your end of Contract.

3. CTC Offered

Understand your salary structure from the Recruiter that has sent you the offer letter because CTC is different from the In-Hand Salary. You may be offered 1000$/Month but the In-Hand salary that you will get maybe 700$ and the rest is the deduction. So, Understand your salary Structure carefully, and check the deductions that will happen from your CTC.

4. The number of Working Days in a week

There are still some companies that have 6 days working in a week. There are many people who are not interested to work in a 6 days working company. You might be working on a 5 Days working company, but your new company may have 6 days working. Neither you have asked the recruiter about the number of working days nor the recruiter told you so you may be surprised once you join the new company. Clear this thing prior to your joining.

5. Salary Date

A salary Date is also important to know. You might be leaving in rented apartment or PG, and you pay your rent on the 1st of Every Month but your new company credits the salary on the 10th or 15th of every Month. So, check the salary date from the recruiter.

6. Who will you be reporting to?

Micromanagement has always been a hot topic of discussion whether it’s good or bad for a company. You might be working under a manager in your company and not comfortable reporting directly to the CEO but in your new company, your CEO may be your reporting manager and you may have to interact with him all the time for which you may not be comfortable. It’s better to get an idea of the hierarchy which your new company follows.

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